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How to Hypnotize Anyone Without Saying a Word – Non-verbal Hypnosis Induction

As a hypnotist progresses into the hypnotic world he begins to realize that memorizing scripts, inductions and techniques are no longer necessary anymore as these ‘procedures’ are just ‘rituals’ which are used to teach beginners the hypnotic process and are not that

important, anything done, therefore, with the intent of sending someone into hypnosis WILL hypnotize them.

Recently I Have, By the accident of losing my voice, managed to hypnotize many people without saying a word, all I had was the INTENT to hypnotize them and they DID go into hypnosis. This is ONE of the many hypnotic methods I have used; this is one of the more overt hypnosis techniques of non-verbal hypnosis inductions:

Have the subject seated comfortably and relaxed and have them place their arms straight out and a couple inches above eye level, make sure the hands are a good distance apart. Now slowly let the hands get used to their new position for the subject as you move to their right hand making a small posture adjustment by bending their elbow slightly and also slightly lowering the hand (this is an unconscious message ‘go inwards and downwards into trance’) once the adjustment is made step back as if to analyze the hands while you let the new position take effect in the subject.

Move over to the Left hand making the same adjustment, repeat the process until you have both hands bent almost 90 degrees and overlapping each other at chest level, it is at this point you rapidly take the hands by their wrist and with a sudden tug push them onto the subjects lap, this should sent the subject straight into trance by having them close their eyes and droop their head, if for some reason they do NOT do that, then just simple shut their eyes and push their head forward as a finalizing touch to go into trance. Deepen the state by rotating the subjects head.

To take the subjects out of trance simply reverse all posture adjustments if you would like to keep it entirely non verbal or just count them out.

As I mentioned before this is just a taste of the many methods one can use to non-verbally send someone into hypnosis, there are many more less overt (covert hypnosis) methods of inducing trance.

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Hypnotically yours,

Leo Gopal

Leo is one of the Worlds Youngest hypnotists who is dedicating his free time to teaching and sharing the wonderful art of hypnosis with all
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